FO: Zen Waves socks

Finished, washed, and delivered to their new owner on a wet rainy Tuesday night:

Zen Waves socks, completed.

Pattern: My own design
Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton Solid in Ginger
Needles: US1 (2.25mm) magic loop
Duration: 22nd February to 13th April
Ravelry project: Zen Waves socks

Socks don't normally take me this long.  These ones had a couple of wait points to pick a pattern and check fit.  They went to a friend who has not had anything made for her in a long time, certainly not anything so specifically tailored to her measurements.

I love making things, and I love giving them to people who like them.  I knit far more stuff than I can use, so a lot is designated as gifts. And once I have measurements, surprise gift socks are so much easier, even for people allergic to wool like this recipient.  Panda Cotton and Panda Soy are really good sock yarns for the wool-allergic, even though they're splitty and not great to knit with the end result is soft and hard-wearing.  I think these will be worn to death and I'm looking forward to making their replacements.

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