FO: Unspun silk neck cozy

You don't need fibre to be spun before you knit with it:

Neck scarf made from unspun silk hankies.

Pattern: Koigu neck cozy (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Unspun silk hankies (one and a bit hankies)
Needles: US7 (4.5mm)
Duration: 9th February to 28th April
Ravelry project: Unspun silk neck cozy

This is the oddest thing I have ever made.  Knitters and non-knitters would stop and stare at the silk hankie as I took a layer off and drafted it out to knit with.  I didn't fuss much with getting the drafted strand exactly even the whole way through, so some parts are thicker than others.  It is light, each silk hankie is an ounce and goes a long way.  I didn't need to start the second hankie until after the first tab, slot, and 13 inches of scarf were done.

I took a break from this to knit a pair of socks and a lace scarf, to the dismay of the guys I eat lunch with.  Four of us take over a small conference room every day, and after I've eaten, I knit.  This project seemed to fascinate them, and I was asked not to dye it as I'd planned, but to leave the silk white and shiny.

The joins between sections were done by taking the two ends, fluffing them out, laying them on top of each other with a six inch overlap, fluffing them together and knitting through.  It seems to have worked, silk is sticky like syrup on a hot day.

I made a few pattern modifications, like widening the slot, widening the scarf, and skipping the second slot.  It came out a bit too wide, if I'd stuck to the original width I think it would only take one hankie to do.  But it worked out fine.  I'm still boggled it worked out at all.

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