Flying with needles

It's not quite running with scissors, but I flew from St Louis to San Francisco on Friday with a set of five Colonial Rosewood US1 double pointed needles (2.25mm diameter, 5.5in long, why are we mixing units here?) in my carry-on luggage. I flew back on Sunday.

Lambert St Louis airport was hit by a tornado on Friday 22nd April and most of the glass has been replaced with temporary plywood sheeting.  It was operational by the following Monday.  My check-in was done online and all I had to do was make it through security.  It's a familiar routine, shoes off, jacket off, watch off, liquids in a clear plastic bag.  The needles and sock were in my carry-on suitcase and no questions were asked about them. I knit at the St Louis gate waiting for my flight.  There were a couple of odd looks from the army guys sat next to me, but no other comments.

On the way back home, San Francisco airport decided to irradiate me for your safety.  It did not feel at all safe to me standing in the scanning booth in a surrender pose.  Again, the needles passed without incident, this time I left them in the case and read a book for the flight home.

It was a fun trip, we saw sea lions at Pier 39, ate crab, watched a movie, rode on trolleys, the Muny, and the Bart.  Going back to work after a weekend of travel was difficult.

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