Tweets for the week of June 19th

<li>Pleasantly surprised I can still walk this morning.  John said the worst will hit me on Saturday... <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Finished the short story just in time for the weekend, with help from Hubby. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Finished the heel of first &quot;Fungus the Bogeyman&quot; sock, not loving the lace pattern though.  Maybe it'll grow on me, like fungus. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Ahead melodrama factor ten!  Aye aye captain. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Hubby made breakfast at home.  Bacon, mushroom, egg, french toast, yum. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Three non-church activities going on today.  One will have to be missed, the other two should rock!. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>ENOUGH with the drama.  Stop it RIGHT now. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>First seeds of a NaNoWriMo novel taking shape. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Spent most of the church picnic actually being sociable. Must be a record. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>&quot;veil of deceit and secrecy&quot;, nice try but it's a bit too cliched to use in a story. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>6 techniques and two katas down for purple belt!  14 techniques and a lot of polishing to go. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Finished the heel of first &quot;Fungus the Bogeyman&quot; sock, not loving the

lace pattern though.  Maybe it'll grow on me, like fungus. #

<li>Another massive lightening storm last night.  Can it be summer time now please?  With dryness and sunshine? <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Handspun yarn feels too precious to use, but a handspun handknit hat would be a wonderful thing. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Lasted through karate class and didn't wilt on way home.  Maybe I need another challenge.  Like the Friday class... <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>NaNoWriMo 2009 here I come, I have a plot bunny!  And it's a productive little fellow. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Blocking a lace scarf on my striped towel purchased for this purpose alone. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Marie Brennan's &quot;In Ashes Lie&quot; is in the house, and I have to go to work :-( <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Only one day left of being a resident Alien.  Swearing in ceremony on Friday at the courthouse. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>You like monkeys, you like ponies, maybe you don't like monsters so much?  Maybe I used too many monkeys? <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Isn't it enough to know I ruined a pony making a gift for you?  (Jonathan Coulton, &quot;Skullcrusher Mountain&quot;) <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Another unsuspecting friend falls prey to the music of Jonathan Coulton:  &quot;Code monkey get up get coffee, code monkey go to job.&quot; <a href="">#</a></li>

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