Tour de Fleece 2011 (part two)

My spinning is done on the futon sofa in the craft room, with my laptop on the nightstand playing a familiar movie or TV episode.  I have natural light from a big bay window until the sun goes down and plenty of space for Quantum the cat to curl up next to me.  There's a block of time available between when I get home from work but before when Hubby gets home from work, and first thing on the weekends because I'm an early bird.  I get up at 5:20am on weekdays, and usually before 7am on weekends.  Much later than that and Quantum comes to investigate why I haven't fed her yet.

(NB: These daily updates are posted on my Tour de Fleece 2011 page first.)

Wednesday 6th July
Spun two fuzz lumps before Hubby got back from work, another two afterwards, so I'm over halfway through this bobbin in only two days. Three more fuzz lumps and I can ply!  Sorted through the fibre stash and listed it ALL, with three candidates for what to spin next.  Hoping to get two full 4oz skeins of yarn by the end of the Tour, one blue and one...?

Thursday 7th July
Spun a half fuzz lump after work before Hubby got home to pick up the car and race to my karate lesson.  Going to spin the 4oz red/pink Polwarth from Southern Cross Fibre next, fibre from Sydney Australia.  Might Navajo ply it, I get more yarn that way.
Finished the fuzz lump and started the next after dinner while watching stuff on the laptop with Hubby.  One and a bit lumps to go on this bobbin, I should be plying at the weekend.

Friday 8th July
Busy busy day, mail run and karate practice after work.  Thinking about designating Wednesday evenings for spinning to continue working through the fibre stash.  Working on the last fuzz lump of this fibre.

Saturday 9th July
Finished the second bobbin at 8:30am, a shade over 2oz on this one and really thin singles.  I'm hoping they don't break while I'm plying.  Put a fresh bobbin in, uncrossed the brake band, and plied the leftover red Falklands wool as practice, there was more there than I thought, though the singles broke three times.  Started plying the blue and got about halfway through it.

Plied merino, plied Falklands.

Sunday 10th July
Finished plying the blue fibre, some left on one bobbin but the plying bobbin was very full.  Put it on the niddy, got 450yds of shiny yarn!  I've never spun a skein that long before.  Also got 102yds of the red Falklands 2-ply.  Washed both and put them up to dry, then started on the Polwarth.

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