Tour de Fleece 2011 (part one)

I think this will be a wheel-only spinning tour, my Majacraft Rose is finally getting some love.  I'm going to have a plying day soon but for now it's all singles all the time.  I'm working on roving that's a blend of merino, silk, and bamboo that Laura brought back from Maryland Sheep and Wool for me, dyed light blue and shot through with white like a summer sky.  I'm fitting spinning around my regular schedule plus extra karate practice for my upcoming green belt test.

Saturday 2nd July
Spun a little first thing, pre-drafted to get back into the swing of things.  Using the blue merino/silk/bamboo Laura gave me.  Hoping it will come out as a good 2-ply fingering weight yarn.  I have a half bobbin spun already.

Sunday 3rd July
Four fuzz lumps to go on this bobbin, then I start the second bobbin.  I'm hoping for a decent length of fingering weight or light fingering weight yarn.  One fuzz lump is a section of undrafted roving around one and a half feet long.  Spinning to the sound of rain and thunder, only one and a half fuzz lumps left when I stopped for the day.

Monday 4th July
Finished the first bobbin of blue fibre, 2.20z according to my not-very-accurate kitchen scale.  Also found two bobbins with the leftovers from my red Falklands 3-ply.  Those will become a 2-ply yarn when the blue is done and they look about even in the amount of singles on each.

Tour de Fleece 2011.

Tuesday 5th July
Started the next bobbin of blue singles after work but before karate, spun 1/8 of the second half of the fibre.

(Daily updates posted on my Tour de Fleece 2011 page)

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