FO: Kauni Citron

This was my first Kauni project, I think it turned out well.

Kauni Citron with beaded edges.

Pattern: Citron from Knitty (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn in EZ
Needles: US6 (mm)
Duration: 9th June to 25th June
Ravelry project: Kauni Citron

I made some modifications to this pattern.  Increases were done as yarnovers instead of m1 after the first section, I did six sections not five because I had 150g of yarn, and I added 6/0 beads in the last ruffle section.  The beads are gold-lined matte AB blue from a local bead shop that match one of the yarn shades exactly.  I put in four rows of beads in the final ruffle, offset from each other.  I also made the final ruffle smaller by casting off on the ninth row, and I had less than a yard of yarn leftover when I cast off.  I had some Shetland sport weight yarn on hand in case I ran out during the cast off, but it was a very different shade of blue.

For a simple pattern, I had to rip out a lot, because mis-placed yarnovers looked really bad.  For the sixth set of increases, I stopped counting and placed them as close to the previous set of increases as possible.  I rinsed this with a cup of vinegar in a sinkful of water before the Eucalan rinse and it's slightly softer, but I'd still want a shirt between my skin and this shawl.

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