Courtesy of AOL and someone Hubby used to work with, we saw LOTR "The Two  Towers" last night for free.  It started at 10pm, we were queuing from 7:30 pm and the hold out line had already filled one and a half rows.  Loved what they did with Gollum, and the  Ents were great, King Theoden's transformation is wonderful, but the battle at Rohan seemed to go on forever.  I'm running on less than five hours sleep today.

There's a support pillar in my cube, it's raining outside, and it sounds like rain's coming down  the inside of my pillar.  Disconcerting.  Standard St. Louis thunderstorm: lots of flashes, a couple of rumbles, piles of rain, and over in 20 minutes.

Two thirty, three o'clock is where it gets really hard to stay awake. Mountain Dew.  Penguin  caffeinated mints.  Stubbornness

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