God in a box part I

It bugs me to hear preachers on the radio try to use science in their sermons and get it horribly wrong.  It's embarrassing.  If you don't know a quark from a muon, don't pretend you do.  Stay away from the second law of thermodynamics unless you understand it.  Stick to the theological and leave science out of it.

To me, physics proves God has a sense of humour.  We have relativity, weird as it is, proven to work.  We have quantum mechanics, even weirder, likewise proven to work.  Quantum entanglement violates a core principle of relativity, breaking the speed of light, and has been proven to work.  Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is a nuisance that just feels wrong.  Mutually exclusive theories that work, no wonder we have no Theory of Everything.  I bet God's highly amused.

I think that such an ordered universe requires an orderly Creator.  Everything from the arrangement of planets in our solar system, through element creation in stars, atomic and crystalline structures, to the tilt of the Earth, points to that.


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