It's amazing the terror the BBC props department could create using an oversized grey pepperpot, with a couple of Morris Minor indicator lights on top, wielding a sink plunger and trundling towards the camera screaming "Exterminate!" in a croaky electronic voice.  Spot one of those down a dark alley and a generation of Brits would run away screaming "Dalek!  Where's the Doctor?  DALEK!"  Happily Daleks weren't infallible.  They couldn't climb stairs, until the amazing floating Dalek.  They tended to spin in circles, firing randomly and shouting "My vision is impaired!  I cannot see!" if you snapped off the eye stalk, which was stuck on the front of the Dalek with substandard glue.  Then there was the Panicky Dalek.  Paul B, sometime Mr Panicky Dalek, has written the best blog post I've seen in ages.  Go read.

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