Three things

Three knitted things were lost in the move from one house to another.  Three things I initially thought I wouldn't use, and then used constantly.

Casualty #1: Roll-brim hat

This hat was an experiment with two-colour knitting using Rowan Cocoon, which is not the best for colour work, and a Greek key pattern I graphed out myself.  It was supposed to be Elizabeth Zimmerman's Very Warm Hat pattern, but two layers of Cocoon would have incinerated me.  I loved this hat, even though the colour work wasn't done well, the yarn is very soft and warm.

Status: Replaced

The replacement hat is so full of awesome I can't wear it without grinning.  I spun some Jacob roving into self-striping yarn, and made a Halfdome hat from it.  It is all the more awesome because there was enough yarn for TWO hats, and Rox has the other one.  She was with me when I got the roving in 2007 at the Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Casualty #2: Spiraluscious cowl

Made in two days flat over Christmas vacation in 2008 and worn a LOT.  Shimmery merino/silk yarn in an awesome burnt orange colour, I fudged where you're supposed to graft the edges of the border and did a three needle bind-off instead, but it still looked great.

Status: Replaced

There is enough in a skein of Opulence yarn from the Woolen Rabbit to make TWO Spiraluscious cowls.  The difference is that I didn't dodge the grafting on cowl #2, and it looks fantastic.

Casualty #3: Bow knot scarf

Made from a skein of Morehouse Merino 3-strand yarn back in 2005, this is probably the best little scarf I've ever met.  It survived a moth attack one year and the wool didn't even unravel, it just sat and patiently waited for me to fix it, which I did, and kept wearing it.  I miss this one, it's perfect for the gap between coat and neck.

Status: Replacement in progress

Same yarn, same pattern, different year.  When you need something to take the edge off a lace weight project, Morehouse Merino is beyond fabulous.  The yarn is soft and squishy, but it appears totally unplied and a bit uneven.  It knits up into something windproof, warm, and cozy, and I'd blogged most of the pattern modifications from the original.

2009-10 Replacements for lost things

The first two should have surfaced once their replacements were completed but I still have no idea where they are.  Perhaps they're waiting for the bowknot scarf to reunite the triad.

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