Tweets for the week of October 23rd

  • In work ridiculously early and no-one can find the light switch, not me, not former boss, not big boss, all wandering around in the dark.
  • Stupid light switch hiding behind stupid fake tree in the lobby, we have light now, former boss found it.  Who hides a light switch?
  • Have never been to Rhinebeck and would love to go, but hate flying alone and not knowing the area. Hopefully MD Sheep and Wool next year.
  • We won the Vineyard Church chili cook off against 11 other entrants! And ours had soy protein in, and veggies. We won!
  • Why yes, I am a numbers and stats geek, why do you ask?  Spreadsheeting the heck out of NaNoWriMo since 2005, now tracking region donations.
  • Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all know what colour "GREY" is, IE7 only knows about "GRAY".  Would it kill you to internationalise a little?
  • Where's a good "Igor's R Us" when you need one?  I want something in a hunchback with a nice "Yes Master".
  • How can I have 4 sets of US2 dpns and lose all my US4s? How is this possible? And I need the US4s to cast on a new project RIGHT NOW!

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