Tea Party

Spotted the pattern for the Fiesta Tea Set by Annie Modesitt in the Summer 2004 Interweave Knits and fell in love with it.  I've ordered her book, Confessions of a Knitting Heretic, just waiting for it to arrive.  Also waiting for my stranded colour knitting book by Nanette to arrive from Cafepress.  Want books now!

Picked up some Sugar n Cream cotton yarn today fairly close to the willow pattern colours, and cast on for the first teacup.  Alison started a knitalong for the tea set, complete with a nifty button:

When we first got married, Hubby brought willow pattern crockery from his parents and I brought a nice set of pink rimmed plates and bowls.  Nice, but not exactly manly.  Packing to move to America, we looked at each and every thing we owned and asked "Do I want this enough to ship it to the US?  If I can do without it while it's shipping, do I really need it?  How expensive would this be to replace if we left it behind?"  So the willow pattern and the nice pink plates were given away, and we got boring white stuff once we got into our US apartment.  For the first time in our married life there were matching plates, and only one design of silverware, excluding the TWA spoon I swiped one transatlantic flight.  But I did miss the willow pattern.

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