Mail wars

Hotmail counters Google e-mail

Hotmail is boosting the amount of storage space for users of both its free and paid e-mail service.  From July the basic Hotmail allowance will be boosted to 250MB and paying customers will get two gigabytes.  The move is widely seen as a response to Google's GMail service which gives all users a gigabyte of storage to keep all their messages.  With the announcement, Hotmail becomes one of a growing pool of e-mail firms offering users huge amounts of storage.

The article lists the current state of webmail offerings further down.  I have 100Mb with my free Yahoo email now, instead of 4Mb.  But "One gigabyte of hard drive space is estimated to be enough for about 500,000 pages of messages" and who has that much non-spam email?

Take a look at Gmail is too creepy  for another viewpoint (link via Plaid Dragon and Exclamation Mark).  I don't like the thought of someone having a permanent copy of my email, and the storage being out of my control.  That's one reason I don't use Blogger, I want control of my data.

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