It is a measure of how nasty the old fence was that the house looked nicer with no fence at all.  It was an elderly stockade fence with peeling white paint that leaned in all the wrong places.  The corpse of the old fence was stacked on the driveway last night looking remarkably small and I should have danced on it to express my joy at its demise.  The posts were in for the nifty new fence and they stand up straight.  This is revolutionary to us, straight fence posts.  We found out why one side of the fence was leaning horribly: There were no posts on that side, just trees.  What were they thinking!

Today is fence building day, so all should be complete when I get home tonight.  Strawberry blonde Eastern Cedar, straight and level, thicker than the old fence and actually vertical instead of exploring oblique angles.  Any chance it'll keep the mosquitoes at bay?  Mosquitoes love me.

The new fence is stunning.  It's all straight, and it smells like wood all around the house.  Neatly done, the gates are sturdy, Chesterfield Fence and Deck did an excellent job.  No mess or bits left behind, the old fence taken away.  I'm impressed.

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