Strange searches

Someone landed on my site via a Google search for "Tea Turtle," which probably landed them on my Yertle the Turtle page.  I'm on the first page for that search, but I wonder if they meant to look for "teetotal," as in no alcohol.  It's bizarre the things people search for, this is a random collection of searches that landed here:

  • Hiroshima and Weblog and Quality
  • cream of tartar and smoking
  • anxiety culture Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
  • Iceland "credit card" debt million
  • catching roaches alive (Eew!  Why would you want to do this?)
  • passive aggressive haiku
  • frabjous crystals
  • London "institute of Physics" "high heels"
  • digestive process of a salamander
  • police control room working patterns Liverpool

There are some very odd people out there.

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