Starting the year

I only made a couple of resolutions for 2009 and I believe both are do-able goals:

  • Spin on my new wheel at least twice a week.
  • Get my karate orange belt.

My first ever karate lesson was on November 17th, on December 11th I signed up for five months of lessons.  There's a list of twenty things to learn for the orange belt test, and I've done seven so far.  My balance has improved, I'm more flexible than I thought, and the group classes are a good workout.  Way more fun than moving weights around in the gym.

On January 1st I played Carcasonne with Hubby on the XBox (and won a few games), tried a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks, which was yummy, cast on a lace scarf, reorganised my blog categories, spun on my Majacraft Rose (now christened Phoenix), and edited some of my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel.  Not a bad start to the year.

I'm always boggled when I re-read my NaNo novel and find it doesn't suck, but this one is a decent story with lots going on.  Fixed the inconsistencies about who is supposed to be married to who, and how many pages in the diary have red asterisks on, and I'm heading into the conclusion.  Still like the bad guy best of all the characters.

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