Cast on for a Mead Scarf (PDF link) on January 1st using Yarn Lust All That Glitters sock yarn.  The pattern is a simple geometric zigzag with a seed stitch border and it's going to need serious blocking to stay flat.  The colour is Marcasite, shades of grey and black with sterling silver plied in.  It has a subtle sparkle that's hard to photograph, especially with no sunlight.

Marcasite yarn, marcasite and onyx pendant.

The pendant is onyx and marcasite in silver, Hubby got it for me from eBay and I love it.  According to Wikipedia, the marcasite is actually pyrite, because marcasite, while chemically the same, has a brittle crystal formation that makes it unsuitable for jewellry.

Got my first Malabrigo to make a Philly Cowl, and wound the Lime and Violet Mermaid yarn to make a pair of socks for a friend.  I have a feeling I'll get another 12 inches into the scarf and be bored with the simple lace so these are preventative measures.  I'd like to knit more from the stash this year.  Probably time to look it over and destash the stuff I no longer love.  Also it would be good to finish Eris (cabled hem and sleeves) and the Eternal Sweater (half a sleeve and assembly).

Currently destashing if anyone's interested in this lot.

Knitting morning is on Saturday 10th at Brentwood Borders cafe, 10am to 12pm, drop in if you're in town!

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