FO: Spiraluscious

I was warned that cowls were addictive.  Phoe warned me, and I didn't listen.  My plans to make Poinsettia failed, it looked very untidy at the join, so I downloaded another Anne Hanson pattern, Spiraluscious.  Started 29th December, finished 31st December.

Spiraluscious cowl.

The colour is a dark burnt orange, the yarn is a 50/50 wool silk blend (Opulence) that feels great next to the skin.  I was worried it would be too loose but it's a perfect fit.  It was my first KnitSpot pattern, first knitted border, and the last FO of 2008.

Knitted borders do not continue around the circle the way you were going, they take you backwards around.  It felt like the most protracted cast off ever, but it's worth it.  Skipped the grafting and did a three needle bind off instead, and it looks fine.

But now I'm eyeing other cowl patterns.  I have skeins of handspun waiting to be used, one soft yak/merino skein especially, and all these interesting cowl patterns.  The Philly Cowl (Ravelry link) is probably my next, though I might spring for the Malabrigo for that one.  Then there's the Promenade Scarf (Ravelry link), and the Blackberry Cowl (PDF link).  These all require buttons.  I have a small tin of old buttons in my sewing box just waiting to be useful.

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