Sounds of Doctor Who

BBC News: Doctor Who theme wins sci-fi vote.

The distinctive music to Doctor Who has been named the best television sci-fi theme tune in an online vote.  It finished ahead of Red Dwarf, The X Files and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, according to website Total Sci-Fi.  The music, which has remained with the programme throughout its history in various forms, was composed and arranged back in 1963.  Total Sci-Fi editor Matt McAllister called it "instantly recognisable to fans just by its opening bars".

The Whomix Radio site is a compilation of fan remixes and reinterpretations of the Doctor Who theme, some of my favourites are Regenerations 2008, Whorhythmics, Toxic Adventurer, and The Monsters Are Coming.  Click the download links to listen.

I started watching Doctor Who when Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davison.  Fifth Doctor was always my doctor, until Sylvester McCoy took on the role as Seventh Doctor.  He was a dark, scheming Doctor with an agenda that he didn't share.  The theme mutated from all electronic, to guitars, to the new orchestral version with drums.  The Regenerations track showcases all the versions of the theme.

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