Random Links

I'm knitting two scarves right now, and they need to be the right length.  Isadora Duncan died in a tragic scarf-too-long accident in an open-top car.  She was an American dancer in the 1920s.

She would have died in a car similar in looks to something from the Morgan Motor Company, makers of the fabulous Aero SuperSports car.  If I win a crazy amount of money on the lottery (which I never play) I'm getting one of these.

Hubby would prefer something from TVR cars, maker of the now-discontinued Cerbera.  Used to see several TVRs about town in Guildford, including one gorgeous dark blue metallic car.  The TVR Tuscan was used in the movie Swordfish.

Swordfish, to swords, to sparring.  Had my first sparring session on Monday.  It's hard to move with quickly wearing padded boots, shin guards, gloves, and a helmet.  But I have no bruises and I know an attack and a defence move.  Looking forward to going to the tournament in July (to watch, not participate).

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