(End of month is horribly busy at work.)

Go read this if you write: Ten mistakes writers don't see, link via Jordon Cooper.  I'm wondering what my crutch words are.  I think wonder might be one of them.

Library book '100 years overdue'   It was a book of sketches that belonged in the reference section and was not for loan.  There was a £5000 fine on that book!

Things you wish your computer had, link via Purling Swine.

Investigating the five second rule, link via the 2004 Ig Nobel award winners.

CNET news article IE--embraced, extended, extinct?

The 404 of faith and the real Anglican Church of Canada 404 page.  Links via IdeaJoy.

The Infinite Cat Project.  Cat 1 with flower.  Cat 2 looking at cat 1.  Cat 3 looking at cat 2 looking at cat 1.  Repeat ad infinitum.  Four hundred cats in a long line.

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