Knitting round up

Sehlat's sock greatly benefited from nearly three hours at the dentist Saturday morning while Hubby got savaged by the drill (Things you don't want to hear at the dentist #39 "I've never seen that before!")  I should be starting the toe this week.

Sehhlat sock in progress.

Dad's Christmas scarf has now consumed a whole skein of yarn, and is looking all scarfy.  It may be the first and last scarf I knit (the one I did at age seven for my toy beagle doesn't count), keeps getting twisted while I work but it looks great and feels warm.  Cascade 220 is good yarn to work with, soft but not fuzzy, though it's a little splitty.  The only problem is deciding where to stop the scarf, like where you stop spelling bananana.

Dad's cable scarf.

Picked up some yarn at the weekend, Brown Sheep Lambs Pride in Raspberry, and Classic Elite Waterspun in lovely discontinued and discounted shades of blue.  They're destined to stay together as I'm planning to knit the Coronet hat from Winter 2003 Knitty.  There will be a dark red cabled band with a blue white top like berries and cream.  This is next on the project queue after Sehlat's socks, and picking up stitches around the cable band is going to be a challenge.  Picking up stitches freaks me out but I need to practice for the neck for the Eternal Sweater.

New yarn.

The Lambs Pride is a trial for a future bpt (which stands for "blue, purple, turquoise"), to be started once Hubby's Eternal Sweater is finished.  It's a cabled hooded cardigan that's going to be made from orange yarn.  I was planning to use Peace Fleece, but I'd have to wind 1500 yards by hand and that's a lot of winding.

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