Core values

Australian Evangelical Alliance Election site lists these core social values (link via connexions via Bene Diction).

  • Grace - a subversive value! Giving people more than they deserve.
  • Hope - not a guarantee of immunity from harm but a conviction that God is always present
  • Faith - the means to real depth in relationships of all kinds
  • Love - means to love the unlovely
  • Justice - for all (not 'just-me'). A concept biased in favour of the disadvantaged.
  • Joy - impossible to legislate for this but an essential social value
  • Service - meaning is found in service rather than self-centredness
  • Peace- not just the absence of fighting but positive well-being

Hope gets me.  We expect an immunity from harm.  Harm is bad, God is good, therefore God will stop the harm.  Simple logic, but wrong.

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