Snapshot - August 2008

It's been a while since I did one of these.  September and March in 2007 were the last.  Similar to phoeknits weekly thing but a lot less frequent:


Eris is back in the lunchtime knitting slot, which is pretty much the only time I knit.  I have one, maybe two, Christmas projects planned which will be started soon so they don't stress me out.  Neither will be difficult or overly time consuming and I already have the yarn and patterns.  Once all those are complete, I found my next shawl to knit, Sivia Harding's Waves in the Square.  Fingering weight yarn, shaped to fit over the shoulders, not pointy, it's perfect.  Also has an interesting beaded picot hem.


I'm in trouble here.  I have one bobbin with less than an ounce of Polwarth on, one bobbin with a similar amount of Cormo, and some pretty Gale's Art black BFL in Cherry Blossom arrived this week.  I only have three bobbins and I need one free to navajo ply the Polwarth or Cormo, so I can't start anything else on the wheel unless I make a microskein and clear one bobbin.  There's still grey alpaca on the Tudor Rose spindle, which is wonderful to spin.


Re-reading "Undestanding the Borderline mother" and "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince".  Going to start adding re-reads to my Currently reading page.


Urban fairy story #2 is 2750 words and growing, the big confrontation is coming up.  Monthly meetings with the post-NaNo group are a great impetus to get something written.  Anything written.  Hubby helped me come up with a good villain for my NaNoWriMo novel this year but it's going to need serious plot work to make a time travel story work, especially one told with a lot of flashbacks.  Starting to get excited about NaNo.

Listening to:

Enigma - MCMXC AD (1990 in Roman numerals.  Primary school had us use Roman numerals for everything for a week and long multiplication took forever.  But I did learn the numbers.)

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc

Loreena McKennitt - The Mummer's Dance

Fatboy Slim - Praise you


Witchblade the TV series.  Season one was far better than season 2, but it's still a shame it got canned.  Season 1 has several cityscape shots that show the Twin Towers in New York.

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