FO: Honeycomb Diamond socks

Yarn: Mama Blue Simple BFL in Beekeeper.

Pattern: My own.  12st easy toe from Knitty, panels of Diamond Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks, Sherman heel, rolled top.

Needles: US0 40in Addi circular, with US1 dpns for cast off.

Duration: 11th July to 11th August 2008.

Honeycomb Diamond socks.

These socks suffered several mishaps and false starts.  The 8st easy toe was too pointy, a 16 st version was too wide.  On sock #2 the heel was ripped out twice due to mishaps, and a glitch in the lace pattern required ripping just after the heel.  But I love the semi-solid yarn colour and Diamond Rib makes a good accent panel.  Used the cast off from my Seraphim shawl for the rolled top to make sure it would stretch enough, and it does.  They look good, feel warm, and at nearly 10st/in, they should be fairly hard wearing.

They feel soft and warm, thinner than regular knitted socks because of the smaller needle and thin yarn.  There is a good chunk of yarn leftover from the 418 yards in the skein.  It was a little splitty, which caused me a couple of problems but I would forgive a lot for this colour and feel.  Mama Blue has many other beautiful semi-solid colours, but her yarn store is picked clean within an hour of new stuff being posted so it's hard to get hold of.  I would love to try her Sea Merino yarn, which is a blend of merino and seacell fibre (derived from seaweed).

Now, back to Eris...

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