A Tale of Two Hats

My beloved husband wears a hat, a baseball cap that has seen better days.  He loves that hat, and it gets comments because of the Linux penguin, Tux, on the front.  I got it for him from ThinkGeek at least three years ago and I've been bugging him to find a new one.

Hubby is a creature of some consistency, to the point that when he pitched six old pairs of jeans, they all had identical holes in the left knee and right back pocket.  When something wears out, he gets an exact replacement for it.  Thus, the solution to the hat problem.

I got an identical hat and hid it.  When he came home that night, I stole the old hat and swapped it for the new, saying nothing, which was very hard.  When we headed out to watch a movie, Hubby got to the stair post, picked up the hat (which was much lighter in colour than the old one), and said "You newed my hat!"  Technically, the only thing I took away was the dirt, everything else is the same...

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