Road Trip Thanksgiving

We went to Hampton Virginia for Thanksgiving, and it was a great road trip.  Wonderful hospitality, lovely people, excellent food.  Lessons learned:

  • Beef jerky is an acceptable food substance.
  • It is 890 miles from home to Hampton VA.
  • Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia combined have less police out on the road than the state of Virginia.
  • There is no lethal dose for seafood.
  • Missouri has no mountains.  West Virginia has mountains, Missouri has a couple of small hills.
  • It can be warm in one state, and there can be snow on the ground in the next state, and the state after that can be warm again.
  • Time zones really mess up your travel time estimates.
  • You have up to two gallons of fuel left when the low fuel light comes on.
  • It takes more time to go out then to come back.
  • It's good to be home.

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