Free Association

Unconscious Mutterings game of free association.

  1. Scrooge:: Charles Dickens, improbable coincidences.
  2. Ribbon:: cat toy, Quantum the grey tabby rolling around on her back batting at the ribbon, mouth open and tail stump twitching.
  3. Physical:: education, playing hockey in the snow on a frozen field in gym skirts.
  4. Income:: wages, every two weeks vs. twice a month.
  5. Dream:: month long holiday in New Zealand.
  6. Notebook:: laptop, Win98SE, birthday present of extra memory from Hubby.
  7. Disney:: Revenge of the Mouse.
  8. Combo:: editable combo box, radio button, GUI design, Visual Basic.
  9. Booty:: Pirates.
  10. Skin:: lipstick, powder, and paint.

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