Resolutions for 2010

Following Rachael's lead, I resolve not to stab anyone in 2010.  This includes me, and I might have a little trouble with this one because I'm allowed to use the baby sai's at karate now!  Woo hoo, I have weaponry!  They only cover part of my arm, but I need to get the poke, flick, jab drill down first before I get the full size ones.

I'm going to finish the Eris cardigan.  It's gorgeous, I can do it, I want to wear it.  I started it in 2008, it's about time I finished a sweater-sized knitted thing.  Did some work on it New Year's Eve and it felt good.  Joined a new ball of yarn, read through the next few steps, I can finish this.  Haven't decided what to do about the sleeves to insure against floppy cuffs, possibly ditching the pattern and doing rib.  Also, in 2010, I'll only knit for people who appreciate knitted gifts.

I'm going to finish, edit, then get a hard copy of my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel.  I'd like to get copies of all of them, except the dire second one where I attempted to write chick-lit. After that I went straight back to sci-fi where I belong.

There's a few others, like go to the gym once a week and do Long 2 kata in a tournament without having a complete meltdown and get my karate blue belt, but that's enough for now.  Happy New Year!

Stargazer lily.

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