FO: Boot Socks

Finished a pair of boot socks in ten days flat, a personal record.  Normal people would probably have bought boot socks, but these fit better and are the right length for my Doc Marten boots.

Boot Socks.

Pattern: Personal mashup including International Socks of Doom and generic toe-up slip-stitch heel (PDF link)
Yarn: Fiesta Baby Boom in Taffeta, 2 skeins
Needles: US1.5 (2.5mm) magic loop
Duration: December 20 to December 30 2009
Ravelry page: Boot Socks of Doom

Fiesta makes wonderful yarn.  They fit really well because of the ribbing, but it was boring to plough through the foot and leg parts.

This is probably the last knitted thing I'll finish in 2009.  I've made six scarves, two cowls, two hats, and six pairs of socks this year.  There's a Jayne Cobb hat that's all done bar the ear-flaps and pompom.  I realized how the Eris cardigan hem is cast off, so I can restart that and hopefully wear it before it gets too warm.  Not that I want the cold weather to hang around until I finish the cardigan!

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