Tweets for the rest of 2009

  • Friends don't let friends knit lace while sick, lost 5 repeats on Flutter scarf Thursday.
  • Not impressed with WordPress 2.9, first thing it did was refuse to publish a scheduled post that WP2.8.6 would have had out the door by now.
  • Need boot socks, cast on Sunday for a pair. Might have been quicker to buy some, but less fun and these will fit.
  • Trader Joe's beer bread for breakfast, on the last day of work for the year, very tasty.
  • JMeter: Assertion failure message: Test failed: text expected not to contain "vaporous". Plain English please!
  • Hi-freaking-larious! I'm a physicist, but I observe Christmas, therefore I've changed it.
  • I can has weaponry now? First session practising with baby sai's, did not hole either foot or mat, but not through lack of trying.
  • Chrome may be faster, but Firefox has Adblock Plus. End of competition.
  • Post NaNoWriMo 2010 - Fictional Authors! First meeting @ Crooked Tree, Jan 16th 2pm. Check the St Louis NaNo forum for details.

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