FO: A Cunning Hat

If you want a knitter to make something for you, there's a few ways of getting what you want.  One is to ask politely, saying please and thank you.  Another is to offer money.  A fantastic way to get a knitted thing is that breathless look of excitement at the thought of wearing it.  That's worth a lot.

Back in 2005 I made two of these for opening night of the Serenity movie, and I said I'd never make another one.  However, Jen Sights nailed the triple, she asked politely, offered money, and cannot wait to have it.  So, five years on, I made another one:

Jayne Cobb's Cunning Hat.

Pattern: Personal mashup including decreases from Halfdome knit in the round.

Yarn: Reynolds Lopi Lite (colours Burnt Orange, Dijon, and Wine Red)
Needles: US6 circular, magic loop

Duration: December 9th to December 31st 2009

Ravelry project: Jayne Cobb's Cunning Hat

There was some trauma in this hat's life.  I made it too long and had to rip out and redo the yellow section and part of the orange section.  Found out I'm really good at weaving in the ends, and Lopi does not give up those weavings lightly.  But it was ripped out, redone, and completed in the space of one day, and it's a much better hat.  Sometime very soon it will go to its owner, and there will be a picture of the look of "SQUEE" on her face.  I'm looking forward to seeing that!

This is not a pretty hat.  It's not a flattering hat.  However, it is a warm hat, and it's quick to knit.  I might make one for myself, but without the earflaps and pompom, using the bulky weight Lopi yarn, and in very different colours.  So not the same hat at all.

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