My first article in Spero News is online!  I wrote about the knit group I go to once a month:

There is always at least one person who can teach a newcomer, and spare supplies to experiment with.  The atmosphere is non-threatening.  If the baby sock you're making is going badly wrong, redefine it as a finger-puppet and keep going.  There is no wrong or right way to knit, and it gives women a chance to connect in a non-church venue.  Non-Christians can see that Christians don't have to be weird.  We talk about church, yarn stores, houses, husbands and boyfriends, food, chocolate, cars, jobs, whatever comes up.

That's a little wierd, quoting something I wrote on my own blog.  I'm working on another article for next month.  Spero News is a "citizen journalism" project, I got asked to participate a while back, just before the CDP redesign.  This is going to be fun!

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