Weather again

Going to Ohio tomorrow for Hubby's graduation from Vineyard Leadership Institute.  Yay graduation!  Then on Tuesday, he takes his final exam.  No, I don't understand that one either.  Might get to visit The Yarn Shop again, and show them what I've done with their yarn (one complete sock, one sock-in-progress).

Yesterday I went out at lunchtime to knit by the fountain in the blazing sunshine.  By four in the afternoon, hail was bouncing off the window, followed by heavy rain, the kind that soaks you to the skin in less than ten metres.  Missouri weather is never boring.  Now it's pouring again, so hard you can't see across the street.  When the lightening strikes close, it's a deafening bang.

The Day After Tomorrow is not the film to be watching when it's raining hard outside, the internet connection died and the power keeps flickering on and off.

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