Good news, bad news

It's been a good news, bad news day.  On the good side, I got to eat really good Greek food, my car was fixed for way less than I'd been expecting, my boss and the co-owner of the company I work for let me go home early

The bad side of the day sucked and mostly involved cars, Hubby's and mine.  Also this has become necessary:

Public Service Announcement

If you're listed on my UK God Blogs list, Adrian Warnock has added you to his Blogdom of God.  I did not and would not give permission for this, and I'm unhappy the list was used in this manner.  The only way to get out of the "Blogdom" I can see is to email Adrian Warnock and ask.  I asked for this blog to be removed today.  This is another sucky thing that happened today.  If I'd wanted to join, I'd have joined myself.  Please don't join me against my will.

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