Random facts

Nectarine stones can be digested by a hefty waste disposal, but please don't try this yourself.  It's really noisy, it was an accident, and I'm not planning to do it again.

There really is a creperie in St Louis.  They have nutella and strawberry crepes.

If I ask you to do something, and you tell me it's done, but when I check, it clearly was not done, that makes me annoyed.

Running in hot sun is possible, though not the wisest form of exercise.  Why are sidewalks more difficult than the machines in the gym?

The first of seven stripes for my leftovers blanket is done.  Stripe two has begun.  The antibacterial yarn will make up one of the sport weight stripes.

Yes, I'm still working on Hubby's socks.  I'm nearly at the heel on the second one, and it's high time I knit a replacement handbag before my current one falls apart.

The Mundane SF Manifesto makes for good reading.  This is the kind of stuff I like to write.  Hubby found it first.

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