Project philosophy

Back when I started knitting my first sweater it was unthinkable that I have more than one project running at once.  Now I'm more in a "one big project and a couple of small ones" mode.  The top limit is four projects.  Right now I'm working on the Eternal Sweater, Coronet hat, Dad's Christmas scarf (almost finished), and the Fiona bag is stalled halfway through.  I like having something for lunchtime knitting.  The Coronet hat is my current lunchtime knitting and it is progressing well.

The Eternal Sweater has history.  Originally it was going to be a Fisherman's Rib pattern, like my first sweater.  Apparently I didn't have enough of the discontinued colour (Sirdar Country Style Aran in bottle green), so I frogged it and and switched to

the Aran pattern.  One sleeve and the back is complete, and the ribbing for the front is done.  It has a ten row pattern and a thirty six row pattern.  But here's the secret of the Eternal Sweater:  I started knitting it when Hubby and I got engaged.  We had a year-long engagement and our ninth wedding anniversary was in August this year.  I'm aiming for a tenth anniversary completion date.  When it's done, I'll knit a bpt for myself, either from Sahkalin Salmon Peace Fleece or orange Lamb's Pride worsted.  But that's a long way off yet.  Still time to vote on my next project, see the previous post!  It's between the Eternal Sweater and the hemp socks.

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