A Lather of Indecision

The band of the Coronet hat is complete, now comes the really scary part: picking up ninety stitches around it.  Picking up stitches is something I taught myself and I'm not good at it.  Norma the Incorrigible (sounds like a Viking, or a Veggie Tales character!) provided an excellent reference site to help me, if you have any tips, please leave a comment.

Coronet hat band.

The Lamb's Pride worsted is interesting to work with.  It seems to be just barely spun.  The result is squishy and warm, deep raspberry red.  The photo doesn't show the proper colour.  This is going to be a good winter hat and it will be done much sooner than I expected. The only problem is what to do next.  I'll be starting my NaNoWriMo novel on Monday, and I'll need stress relief knitting through November.  Blatantly copying Annie, I offer a poll.

Do I start Hubby's socks, made from a conservative colour of Lang Jawoll Cotton (a deserving project, he could always do with good socks, and he loves me).  Or do I start a third pair of socks for me, from DZined sport weight wool, hemp, and mohair yarn (I really want to try this stuff, it will knit up faster than Hubby's socks).  Do I finish the languishing Fiona bag even though I'm sick of all the purling (purl, schmerl, please don't do this to me).  Do I work diligently on Hubby's Eternal Sweater (well deserving, gorgeous Aran cabled goodness, and nine years overdue).  Or do I throw caution to the wind and pick some other project, which may require buying yarn.  You decide.

(poll now deleted)

You can only vote once.  Bear in mind it takes me far too long to make a pair of socks, but I love making them.  I have four balls of Rowan Cotton Chenille to play with if you went for the last option, courtesy of Jillz August contest.  Monday's your deadline, and I guarantee the result will have no effect on US politics whatsoever.  And in case you've been wondering what that foghorn noise you keep hearing is, it's me, blowing my nose.  I've got my first cold of the autumn, so cheer me up and vote already.  Yes, both of you!


I got all the stitches picked up, and only one false start, going around the wrong way for about four rows before I realised I'd have to purl the whole hat to get it right.  Shouldn't knit while under the influence of Kleenex.  Easier to rip (again!) back to the pick up row and restart.  Going fine now, though it's hot to work with.  It will be a very warm hat.

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