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The great thing about supporting the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team is that when they lose, it's not splashed all over the US radio, TV, and newspapers like with some St Louis Cardinals I could mention.  And because the All Blacks are one of the best rugby teams in the world, they don't lose often.  I have but one question:  How many countries took part in this Baseball World Series?  Just one?

Two sessions of knitting, and here's the Coronet hat:

Coronet hat.

This is a much better colour representation.  The yarn has thick and thin patches, but knits up fairly even.  Picking up the stitches around the band was not easy.  I used a crochet hook to do the "hoiking the yarn through the gap under the stitches" part ("hoik" being an English term meaning "pull" but with more attitude.  Stick around, I have more colloquialisms to offer).

Animated Cthulhu smilies!

Cthulhu Smilie!
Cthulhu Smilie!
Cthulhu Smilie!
Cthulhu Smilie!
Cthulhu Smilie!

Made by Sehlat.  Visit the Cthulhu for President: Why vote for a lesser evil? campaign.  (Please note: Cthulhu is FICTION, Lovecraft made it all up.  Cthulhu does not exist outside Lovecraft's stories and the User Friendly comic, where he makes occasional guest appearances.)

Sheila's Great Pink Ribbon Project is going to continue through 2004.  Knit some pink i-cords, turn them into ribbons, and mail them to Sheila to sell in Threaded Bliss Yarns, proceeds to Breast Cancer Research.  She's raised $450 so far.  Address is:

Threaded Bliss Yarns

127 Franklin Road

Brentwood, TN 37027

I'm almost ready to start NaNoWriMo on Monday.  The plot roadmap is OK, just need to figure out how the ending happens.  My cheer-leaders are ready (pom-poms are in the mail, I promise!), and my brave friend Carrie is going to try Kamikaze novel writing with me.  I have a laptop with two hours of battery life.  A Natacha Atlas CD is waiting to inspire me.  My cats are ready to interrupt at a moment's notice.  There's a kick-off party to attend Sunday afternoon.  I'm going to aim for 1800 to 2000 words a day, I know I can write that much even under the influence of Nyquil.  My NaNoWriMo attempt will not go pear-shaped! (yes, that was another colloquialism)

I got a voice mail from Al Gore, Vice President, today!  I must be really special!  He wants me to vote and make sure what happened in 2000 doesn't happen again!  Sorry Al, can't vote for you or against you, it's a citizenship thing.  And didn't they give that Vice President gig to someone else four years ago?

Here's my poll again, I'm keeping it up till Monday.  Looks like the Eternal Sweater and the hemp socks are the front runners.  I think the Fiona bag will have to be completed soon after, I found it this week looking all forlorn and squashed in it's

ziplock prison.  I need to learn the i-cord bind off and the Fiona bag requires it.  It's actually a nice bag.  I have project abandonment guilt!

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