Progress at last

Did 11 rows on the Eternal Sweater on Saturday, which completed the second pattern repeat on the front, and some more tonight.  Feels good to pick it up again, I think the last time I worked on it was December 2005.  The double moss stitch wasn't so bad and the big cable section is mostly intuitive. Probably one more repeat to go before I start neck shaping.  There's 400g of yarn left for that and the other sleeve out of the original kilo I bought in 1994, I think I'm going to make it.  I want to put some of the sweater yarn into the leftovers blanket.  The trailing fuchsia scarf is at 17 repeats, probably another one or two should be enough.

Eternal Sweater front.

Finished spinning and plying the yellow/orange merino, it came out well (Walking on the Sun from Spunky Eclectic).  Mostly even, probably on the heavier side of worsted weight, about 170 yds from 4oz of roving.  A little dye came out when I washed it, but the colours are bright and the yarn is soft.  Still a little odd to think of knitting with yarn I made!  Want to spin some plain white wool and try Navajo plying it next, it would be great to be able to preserve colour sections in the roving.

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