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BBC News: 'Mass blog' to

capture UK Tuesday


People throughout the country are being asked to contribute to a mass web log recording a day in the life of Britain.  Tuesday 17 October has been picked as an "ordinary day much like any other of no particular national significance".  The blogs will then be stored by the British Library and at other locations as a permanent record of everyday life.  The National Trust says the "massive electronic snapshot in words" will be a "fascinating social history archive for future generations to explore".   Director general Fiona Reynolds said: "We want this day to have its own place in history and be a snapshot of everyday life at the beginning of the 21st Century.  It would be fantastic if hundreds of thousands of people take up this opportunity for mass online participation... and make it the biggest blog ever."

I'd love to do this, but it's meant for people in Britain.  It could be done as a snapshot for a personal diary though.  The results will be skewed towards people with internet access, I wonder how many older

people will do this?

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