Blog the Country II

BBC News: Blog project reveals daily lives.

More than 30,000 people across Britain have recorded a diary of their day as part of a project to create an online snapshot of life in the country.  The National Trust said the entries - which range from the mundane to the extraordinary - have created "Britain's biggest blog".  The charity asked people to upload their account of what happened to them on 17 October 2006 - chosen because it was an ordinary day of no national significance.  People have until 31 October 2006 to record their entries on the History Matters website.

I did record my Tuesday October 17th, but since you need to specify a county and UK postcode to submit the entries, it's just for my own use.  The article has several excerpts from the submitted entries (a mother of three, a teenager from Poland, a woman going through her ex-husband's house after his death, an unemployed man, and another schoolgirl).  Quite a variety of days in just that sample!  Now it all has to be recorded and catalogued in a way that will still be accessible years from now.

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