Eternal Sweater progress report

Finished the trailing fuchsia lace scarf on Weds 18th, and put the front of the Eternal Sweater in my backpack for lunchtime knitting.  This is now my sole project in  progress, I'll post next Friday how I'm doing with it.  Each row is 118 stitches and I'm working up to the neck divide, starting 63 rows into the main pattern.  I think I've got another one and a half repeats to go.

  • Sat Oct 14th: 11 rows (knitting morning)
  • Tues Oct 17th: 10 rows (evening alone)
  • Thurs Oct 19th: 17 rows (lunchtime and some evening)
  • Fri Oct 20th: 19 rows (lunchtime and some evening)

I've done one and a bit pattern repeats in a week!  Hubby is doing NaNoWriMo this year, and we'll be going to write-ins through November, him to write, me to work on the sweater.   I finally got an idea for a novel, but I'll save it till next year.  It'll be another near-future sci-fi story and I have to read a fair-sized nonfiction book to get the details right.

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