Poll results

I finished the Coronet hat last night, after two failed attempts at the decreases.  It looks pretty nifty.  Sometime this week I will start on the hemp blend socks.  Thanks to everyone who voted!  I'll work on the front of the Eternal Sweater next, and after that I'll make socks for Hubby and finish the Fiona bag.  Now all you American citizens go out and vote for someone on November 2nd.

(Look to the right, I have started my NaNoWriMo project.  More to come.)

Choose my next project
What should I knit next?
Hemp socks 30% 14
Eternal Sweater 26% 12
Socks for Hubby 20% 9
Something else 13% 6
Fiona bag 11% 5
total votes: 46

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