Severe novel-related writing panic

I may not be posting much for the month of November.  I've been anticipating NaNoWriMo since October 9th when I signed up.  I've never done anything like this before and I must be crazy!  I figure I have some time at lunch to write, and an hour after I get home before Hubby arrives, all of Tuesday night when he's at VLI class.  We have a USB key drive I can store stuff on.  Maybe I can get ahead at the weekends.  The NaNoWriMo graph Hubby built will be in the sidebar so you can check up on me, it was designed to fit right there, specifically to keep me on track.  Look, it's there right now, staring at me!  Put this post down to "what have I signed up for?!" panic.  I can't back out now.  I talked someone else into doing NaNo with me, I can't back out.

On the plus side, Hubby has an outline all ready for doing NaNo next year when he's graduated from VLI, and it's a really good story.  If I finish NaNo, I will be his cheerleader next year and watch him go through the same panic.  My cold is almost gone, all the big house and car maintenance stuff is done, two thousand words a day is actually doable.  The yard no longer needs mowing and will soon mercifully disappear under frost and snow.  Peter Rabbit who lives in the yard will do fine without me watching over him.  I can knock out a blog post of dubious quality fairly easily (don't answer that) and I'm already in the habit of writing regularly.  I can start the hemp socks.  The novel doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done.  Editing comes later.  Can you hear me cognitive-therapy-ing my way out of the panic?  I could use some moral support here, really I could.  Chocolate wouldn't go amiss either.  Calm.  Deep breaths.  You can do this.

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