Plans and Previews

I'm currently reading (and annotating the glitches in) my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel with a view to finishing the story.  The last three chapters are missing and I need to tidy things up and put a pretty bow on them so I can put this project to bed.  It's odd to read something I wrote but have no memory of the specifics.  There's a third book to be written which will finish off the story arc and I'm planning that for my 2013 novel, because I've got a shiny new plotbunny for this year's NaNoWriMo with an all-new story to write.

Finally got the second bobbin of baby camel/silk blend on the spinning wheel.  The fibre is  from Corgi Hill Farm, I'm hoping it turns out to be a nice light fingering weight yarn I can use for a lace scarf.  The fibre is very drapey and the silk gives it shine.

My Etsy store, Albion's Forge has gained a few new items for sale and I'm working on a second design to put up for sale.  I lost the prototype to someone that was playing with it, so I'm counting that a success.  Pink rubber rings should be in my hands in July so I'll make something pink.  But what colour to put with it?  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white?

It feels like I've been knitting the Rill Scarf forever, and the yarn just keeps on coming.  In reality I'm nearing the halfway point in the pattern (15 of 36 central repeats completed), I have 20yds more yarn than I need, and I'm convinced the yarn ball is growing when I put it back in the project bag.  My plan is to finish the first ball of yarn and put the scarf aside until I finish my cropped cardigan.  I like Rill, and I'm making it with a long-discontinued yarn made from mink, milk, and merino, which is amazingly soft when knitted up.  Great Northern Yarns is the only yarn producer I know that uses mink fur from sheared mink (that image makes me smile every time) and the company experiments with new fibre blends.  This one was sold for a while but didn't make it into the long-term stable of yarns.

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