FO: Mink Earflap hat

Started on Saturday at knitgroup and finished on Monday, this was a fast knit but the 1x1 cables were wearisome.

Mink earflap hat.

Pattern: Ekaterin Slouch hat
Yarn: Great Northern Yarns 70% mink 30% cashmere DK in Terracotta
Needles: US5
Duration:July 7th to July 9th

If I did this again I'd go up a needle size because it's snug on my head, I think it'll be fine on its recipient this  Christmas.  The yarn produces a fabric that's soft and airy with a lot of halo, and warm to wear.  I loved watching the short-row earflaps emerge.  The pattern was clear and well-written, I had plenty of leftover yarn from my 230yd skein.  This is the fourth stashbusting hat I've knit this year and I'm not a natural hat-wearing person.

(I dropped out of the Tour de Fleece this year, but I'm still hoping to finish my camel/silk yarn soon.)

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