FO: Primrose Bamboo

Let's just say I had issues with this project.  With the yarn, with the pattern, even with the fibre the yarn was spun from.

I've been annoyed at this fibre since I got it, because I ordered the Sunrise colour from Susan's Spinning Bunny, which is this lovely orange colour, and I got pink, labelled as Sunrise.  I maintain it was mislabelled and I've always resented this fibre for not being orange.  I should have said something at the time but that was years ago now.

I spun the yarn for Tour de Fleece 2009 and got what I thought was 198yds of sport weight yarn.  In reality, after winding it into a ball, then re-skeining it and re-winding it, I had 370yds of fingering weight yarn.  It's not one of my best yarns for consistency because it varies from sportweight to thin laceweight, and did I mention it's also pink instead of orange?

And then there was the pattern.  It's short-row lace designed to make the scarf stay on, a nice diamond pattern, it should have been a breeze.  The pattern specified yardage (350yds), but not how many repeats to knit, which bugged me.  I was about to resort to math (weigh scarf, knit one repeat, weigh again, weigh remaining yarn, calculate available repeats still to knit) when the designer popped into the Ravelry thread where I was complaining about this and said it was 20 repeats and she would update the pattern.  I did the math anyway and came up with 23 repeats given my yardage.  As yet, there's been no sign of that pattern update.  The pattern also omitted when to slip the markers.

Evening Primrose scarf.

Pattern: Evening Primrose
Yarn: my handspun merino/bamboo/nylon from Tour de Fleece 2009
Needles: US5
Duration: 23rd April to 22nd May

I couldn't read the lace pattern while I was knitting, and that was unusual for me.  My lifeline moved every pattern repeat because I never felt comfortable enough to do without it.  I also think the decrease end doesn't look right, I believe the pattern is off slightly in the middle part of the decreases.  I ripped it out and redid the end and got the same result while counting carefully, so I don't think it was me.  I'm glad this is finished, and I don't intend to make another one.

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