Patchy progress

The Cashmere Campanula Scarf (Rav link) is up to 22 repeats, and the ball of yarn is finally nearing the end.  You're supposed to do 25 repeats, I think I can get 27 out of. I started this on July 14th, and I'm more than ready to cast off and be done with it.  Accidentally snapped the yarn, it is very fragile to work with, so I have two extra ends to sew in.  This will be lightly blocked with pins, I don't trust it to wires.

Finished the hem on sock #2 of the Persimmon socks at an awesome knit group excursion to The London Tea Room.  These will be my mindless knitting for the next couple of weeks.  Friends don't let friends knit lace while on controlled substances (yes, I do have a prescription, and no, you can't have any).

My Maia shoulderette looked like it would be really small, even with aggressive blocking.  I wasn't enjoying the pattern because you have to think on both sides, I didn't like the size, so I frogged it and salvaged the yarn.  I feel much better now.

Queued up a couple of projects for the next few weeks.  Argante by Corrina Ferguson, to be done in some red-orange-yellow yarn Hubby got for me in Knitty Couture.  The pattern is a shallow lace-edged shawl with some short-row shaping to make it stay on your shoulders, and knit sideways.  The yarn has blue tweed flecks in and is soft and warm:

Handpainted Knitting Yarns Donegal Sock

Also queued and stashed for is Faro Easy by Wendy Johnson (Rav link). Got some Lorna's Laces Shepherd sport for this in Satsuma.  The yarn feels gloriously squishy soft, and it has just enough colour shading to be nice without being variegated.  I find myself avoiding variegated yarns these days.

Both these patterns require the same size needle, which should prevent me from starting both at once and getting discouraged with a lack of progress.

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